While working at Artificial Mind and Movement, we were given the opportunity to create some promotional marketing videos for Electronic Arts to help build the hype of their soon to release IP, My Sims Sky-Heroes. They wanted two video shorts, software rendered, that were spoofs based off of the Predator and Aliens movie's, but with the Aliens version incorporating some design elements from EA's Dead Space brand. Here I will showcase the Alien spoof version to save bandwidth. With the help of my producer and manager I had our IT set us up a seven node render farm that I could manage remotely and command line render on. My other responsibilities for the shots were: assembly, pass management, lighting and lighting effects, fog effects, and particle effects. I also composited the final shot for the Aliens spoof in Autodesk Toxik/Composite. Other credits for this project are due to: Erwan Davisseau, Taran Matharu, Steve Alard, Martin Cright, David Harrison, and Mike Bauh.