When I worked for Hypgnosis FX, my boss, the owner had worked for the renowned company The MILL. After he left, he maintained good relations with the personel there and was given an opportunity for his company to do some sub-contracted work. The project was a series of television advertising campaigns for the Rexona Body Spray brand. What they wanted was a couple of robots, a hominid, and a dog, that they would use as effects assets to tell the stories associated with each commercial. Personally, I was tasked with modeling about 85% of the robot hominid, and all of the robot dog. Both were modeled to reference supplied by the client, and both characters took roughly about three weeks to complete while working on other projects at the same time. All other job functions (lighting, rigging, animation, etc..) for the shot were handled by The MILL.


Above, is one of the spots that aired. This one showcases the end result of the hominid. I must note that another party did the lower portion of the robot hominid, which is why in the character turntable above, my robot does not have any legs. This video was taken from you Tube, so once again, sorry about the quality. The hominids hands were modeled by Maxime Langlois-Legault a friend and former colleague of mine.


Above is the modeling turntable of the robot dog. This was a very fun character to create and I really enjoyed how the end result came out. Below, is the one spot that I have found, once again on youTube, that actually integrates the dog into their story.