This shot was a bit different. The client asked if we could remove some of the foilage from the side of the tank. In order to do so we had to track the shot, but instead of the shot itself, what we needed was the objects motion data. Using boujou we tracked the shot and object, created a proxy element to cover the portions of the tank with a new texture that had the foilage removed, and comped the elements on top using the tracked object data. The result, a cleaner looking tank. To show the workflow, I have roughly recreated the task using Autodesk Maya, and Autodesk Match Mover.


First, I started off by creating a rough proxy of the tank hull based on the first frame of the footage. This was performed in Maya and for this specific example, I kept the detail fairly low.


After that, I exported the proxy object I created in Maya out as a .obj file, and imported it into Autodesk Match Mover. From there I pin track the corners of my proxy object to the visual corner pieces of the tank in the footage. After that, I tracked it and solved for the camera. Below is the solved camera and a descent track!