While working on Dantes Inferno, a couple colleagues of mine came to me to see if I knew of any way to generate a path trajectory from an existing animated asset. I asked them if they looked in the animation tools to see if something already existed. After no such luck I started to think of a way to do it. After a bit of thought I realized that I could create a proxy NURBS shape, point constrain it to the animated objects center, and then, using Maya's animated sweep function I could loft a NURBS surface from the animated sweep. Once I had a surface, I could extract an Isoparm from the Nurbs surface to generate the trajectory curb. Before long I had a working system, and afterwards I was able to compile the macro commands and assign a string variable to evaluate a selected object which would then perform the series of operations on that selected object. Below is the script in action, as well as the source, and a downloadable link to grab the script free for you to use. Enjoy!

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